Move Over Law

The "Steer Clear" law is now the Move Over Law (Act 105 of 2020) and will be effective April 27, 2021. The new law requires drivers approaching an emergency scene who are unable to safely merge into a lane further away from the incident, to slow down to at least 20 MPH below the posted speed limit. An emergency response area is where an emergency vehicle has its lights flashing, or where road crews or emergency responders have lighted flares, posted signs, or try to warn travelers.


    THE LAW:

  • Creates a new point system that imposes two (2) points for failure to merge into the lane not next to the emergency response area.
  • Sets fines at $500 for 1st time offenders; $1000 for a 2nd offense; and $2000 for a 3rd or subsequent offense.
  • Requires 90-day license suspension for 3rd or subsequent offense. The license suspension also applies to to incidents that seriously injure or kill another person. The suspension is 6 months if if the person injured or killed is an emergency service provider or was near a disabled vehicle.
  • Sets additional fines of up to $10,000 for for violators who injure or kill an emergency service provider or a person in or near a disabled vehicle.
  • Doubled fines for several traffic violations when committed in an emergency response area when first responders are present


A similar law (Title 75, Section 4572.2) requires motorists to move over or slow down when approaching a stationary trash or recycling truck.

More Information:

​Emergency responders will mark response areas with road flares, caution signs, or other traffic control devices.

Disabled vehicles are covered by the Move Over Law when they display at least two (2) of the following markings:

  • Vehicular hazard signal lamps

  • Caution signs or other traffic control device

  • Road flares


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