Emergency Warning System

South Fayette Fire District Emergency Warning System

If a weather, disaster or other severe emergency situation requires that all South Fayette residents need immediate notification, the four South Fayette Fire Department's fire sirens can be activated automatically by the Allegheny County 911 Center. When the Emergency Warning system is activated, the sirens at the South Fayette, Sturgeon, Fairview and Oakridge fire departments will sound a STEADY tone for 5 minutes.

What you should Do?

Residents should take immediate action, by checking local radio and television stations for information. Since our most likely event would be a tornado warning, with a tornado sited, within or heading towards South Fayette Township, residents should proceed to a safe area of the residence, awaiting additional information.

Non Weather, Disaster Emergencies?

Sirens will continue to be activated for fire, rescue and other emergencies, but can be distinguished by the up and down cycling of the siren for these emergencies.